Leisure activities

From national parks to cultural events. The diverse environment is one of Salo’s biggest attractions. A comprehensive range of leisure activities ensures activities all year round. You can enjoy the fresh air of nature every day, alone or with others. For the history lover, there is plenty to explore in Salo, and the cultural events will appeal to people of all ages.

Naturally enchanting Salo

Nature is a source of happiness and health for Finns and a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. There are plenty of nature sites in Salos, offering activities and scenery for all kinds of nature lovers. Backpack through forest trails, hike through the wings of a national park, discover new dimensions in the landscape by bike or explore coastal and island areas by boat and fishing. Sports clubs offer sporting excitement and experiences.

Events and cultural experiences for all ages

A wide range of theatre, concerts, changing art exhibitions and other events attract people interested in culture. The popular summer market evening events feature local performers, local market vendors, summer cafés, second-hand vendors and a children’s flea market. Salo’s rich history and past can still be seen in the cityscape, including the noble manor houses.  Teijo’s villages are very lively and offer a wealth of leisure facilities and tourist experiences – almost all year round.

This is living in Salo

In Salo, a city of 50 000 inhabitants, the recipe for a carefree life is very simple. Interesting career challenges are a temptation. Nature and water give your mind a welcome break. Hobbies and services provide meaningful content and the necessary support for everyday life. The uncomplicated streets of a small town are easy to tread, and the benefits of a big city are available every day. At best, it's just a few minutes from shops, schools and nature.