In Salo there is room to grow and develop in many directions. Prosperous business life and diverse job opportunities offer many interesting career possibilities, and comprehensive leisure services bring a soothing balance of mind and body to everyday life. Here, a stone’s throw from your home, you can have both your dream job and a fishpond. The opportunities for building a unique everyday life in all life situations are infinite.

Explore the IoT Campus, where companies, researchers and educational institutions work together for smarter solutions for the future. Browse vacancies where you will find career opportunities in software engineering, the metal industry, education and the service sector.

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Salo and its 50,000 residents have a very simple recipe for a carefree life. Interesting career challenges carry you along. Nature and clean waters give your mind a rest. Hobbies and services add meaning to your life and bring support for your day-to-day life. The simple streets of a small town are easy to walk on, yet the benefits of a big city are available every day. At best, there is only a few minutes’ journey to the stores, the school and nature alike.


Salo is located in an area with a rich environment, between larger cities. Turku is less than an hour and Helsinki just little over an hour away – and there is also a fairway to the open seas through the gorgeous archipelago.



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In Salo, you can live in a city in the middle of all the services, enjoy a relaxed life in the idyllic old ironworks villages or wake up in the peaceful countryside every day. There are plots, houses and apartments available for all tastes.



Salo is a paradise for sports, nature and fishing enthusiasts. You can ski, hike, sail, ride, cycle and golf. Active societies and culturally rich theatres add some balance to your recreational life.


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